Parents and Teachers: How to Make the Most of a Museum Visit

As a child, I always loved visiting museums with my family or for class field trips. Being up close and personal to displays of history, science, and art made me appreciate it more and I felt engaged in learning about what I was viewing. Museums are exciting for children because it makes them look forward to learning about school subjects and seeing the exhibits. Many museums have exhibits and activities specifically geared towards children that can make the visit even more fun. I found two articles that explain why museum trips can be beneficial for children and how to make the most of a visit!

In the article titled “Why Should Schools Visit Museums?,” Rebecca Herz says that museums increase students cultural and general world knowledge by exposing them to vocabulary, spaces, and objects they may have not encountered before. Teachers, parents, or museum tour guides can help immerse children even further by making real world connections to what the children are seeing. Herz says that field trips are more effective when teachers make connections both before and after the visit.

The interactive exhibits and hands-on-learning offered at museums provide a unique education experience, according to Rebecca Gross in the article“The Importance of Taking Children to Museums.” Art museums in particular boost creativity and imagination, and they allow children to “explore perceptions, feelings, and innovative thought.” Parents are encouraged to bring their children with them to museums, even if they feel afraid that their children will ask questions they can’t answer. Museums can be a learning experience for everybody, and just letting children voice their thoughts on what they’re viewing will lead to interesting discussions.

An article from Mommy University says that museums can inspire a love of history in children that may not be discovered in a traditional classroom. The stories told at some exhibits can not only teach children new things, but it can encourage empathy. In art museums in particular, children can view different styles, subject matters, and techniques that can increase higher critical thinking skills. From this, children can develop new ideas and concepts!

3 tips on making the most of a museum visit:

  • Make connections - real world connections immerse children into what they’re viewing

  • Let children ask questions - even if you don’t know the answers, allow children to express their curiosity

  • Do a tour - going on a tour can be a fun learning experience for everyone

Museums are a unique experience filled with interesting things that children will love! They will naturally feel curious about all of the exhibits around them, and the wide range of subjects at museums offer something fun for everyone. Take a trip to the museum with your child so you can both learn new things and make memories together!


Lyndsey Watkins is a senior at UNCW. She is majoring in English with a concentration in professional writing and a minor in journalism.