Access your CMoW membership cards by downloading the free app

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It's here! We have taken the leap towards digital membership and have partnered with Museums Anywhere. The eMembership Card app will allow you to easily access your membership cards digitally and compile reserved tickets in one place. Benefits of downloading the eMembership Card app include digitally accessing your membership card, reserving tickets quickly through your phone, and more!

To get your digital cards, use the following steps:


1. Download the eMembership Card App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 


2. Search for and select The Children's Museum of Wilmington tile. Look for our logo!

     - This will automatically mark it as a favorite and will stay at the top of the app every time you open it.


3. Select Find My Membership Cards.


4. Enter the phone number associated with your membership where it says Constituent # and  enter your last name where it says Last name.

     - If you have questions or are having difficulty, please contact us to confirm the correct information at or 910-254-3534.


5. Select Find and select Download my cards

    - Apple users can download cards to their wallet. GPS activates and opens the wallet when in the vicinity of the Museum. 


Members can reserve or purchase tickets through the app by accessing the drop down menu from the Museum tile home page in the top right corner and clicking the website link.