Learn How Reading Is Important to Your Child’s Development

As an English major in college, reading has always been a part of my life. I’ve enjoyed reading books since I was a child, and my parents have always encouraged me to keep reading. As a result, I started building my vocabulary and comprehension skills at an early age which helped me in nearly all school subjects. Studies show that even if children are reading for enjoyment, it can improve their education performance. I have found two articles that discuss the advantages of children reading at an early age and how to get your children started!

In the article The Benefits of Reading for Pleasure, Leib Lurie from Kids Read Now says that “whether or not a child reads for pleasure at a young age can have more impact on their educational growth than socioeconomic status.” Another benefit that reading for pleasure can create is increased empathy and better decision making.

When reading books, children can see how characters react in certain situations and, according to Lurie, their brains react as if the events were happening in real life. The situations they read in books provide social clues on how to react in different scenarios, and reading can also help them understand cultures and perspectives that are different from their own. Lurie suggests keeping books in the house that your child is interested in to encourage them to read more.

In another article, titled Why Is Reading So Important? the author states that reading to your child even for just a few minutes a day increases their exposure to language. Even a child seeing an adult enjoy reading is a good way to get them curious about reading themselves, and when parents keep books in the home it provides opportunity for the child to find a book that catches their interest. The author also recommends involving your child in the process of browsing books and making choices at a bookstore. Libraries are another great choice to look for children’s books, especially since they are usually free to the public and offer a wide selection to choose from.

Here’s 3 Activities to Introduce Your Child to Reading:

  • Preschool Story Time to develop language and boost imagination

  • StoryCOOKS to help children learn reasoning/comprehension skills by cooking foods inspired by books

  • Find a Reading Program at a local library to get your children curious about reading

There are many more advantages to introducing children to reading at an early age, including better comprehension/reading skills, increased analytical thinking skills, improved memory, and helping them fall asleep easier. Reading together is a good way to spend quality time with your child, and it can spark an interest in reading that will last a lifetime!


About the Author: Lyndsey Watkins is a senior at UNCW. She is majoring in English with a concentration in professional writing and a minor in journalism. lyndseymwatkins@gmail.com