How to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Each year, Earth Day reminds us to be thankful for our planet and to take care of it. Since children will be the caretakers of our planet one day, it is important that they understand their role in caring for the environment and all of the creatures in it. Parents and children can celebrate this special day together with 3 fun activities provided in this article. I have also found 2 sources explaining the importance of educating your child on Earth Day!

There are plenty of ways for the whole family to celebrate Earth Day! In an article for More 4 Kids, the author lists activities that can be helpful for the environment, such as planting a tree, recycling, limiting shower time, using recyclable bags at the grocery store, volunteer to clean up your local park, and build a birdhouse in your backyard. Of course, there are countless other ways you and your child can make a difference that will also be fun to do!

The author explains that teaching children about energy conservation, respecting nature and animals, and keeping the environment clean has become necessary for the future of our planet. Getting outside and close up with nature will encourage children to develop interest in their environment. You can set an example for your child by picking up any trash you see and doing your best to protect the environment in any way possible. Even one act can influence your child to make a difference!

In a National Geographic Kids article, author Rose Davidson offers more tips to get children involved in saving the earth. Davidson says to encourage kids to think about if an item can be recycled or repurposed before they throw it away. Families can limit waste by aiming to buy fewer things. For example, Davidson recommends checking a local library for a book you want to read instead of purchasing it.

Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to get outside with your child and their friends and do an Earth Day activity. Motivate your child to spread the message about how others can help. A group can work together to plant trees or clean up your neighborhood, which will make it even more fast and fun when done together!

3 Earth Day activities:

  • Volunteer to clean - clean a local park or neighborhood with your child

  • Outdoor Courtyard - explore the outdoors and fuel your imagination in this safe exhibit

  • Nature Navigators - children can learn about nature and their environment through crafts, stories, and fun lessons

These activities are just some of many that can get kids excited about protecting and celebrating their planet! It’s more important than ever that children learn ways to keep the planet clean and conserve resources, and they will likely find it fun, especially when the whole family gets involved. Just one small act can cause a ripple effect that will last a lifetime!


Lyndsey Watkins is a senior at UNCW. She is majoring in English with a concentration in professional writing and a minor in journalism.

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