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Bodies in Motion is on view at the Children's Museum of Wilmington

Bodies in Motion is currently on view at the Children’s Museum of Wilmington. Heather Sellgren, Executive Director at the Children’s Museum, says the museum is a place where kids can explore and imagine as they develop and learn at their own pace. Sellgren says museum staff are always on the lookout for exhibits that help expand their STEM programming.

And she says Bodies in Motion does that in a way that appeals to kids from age 2 to 72, “We worked with a developer who created a muscular and skeletal system that allows kids to see their images mimicked up on a screen. And so, it reflects their movement. It reflects an image of their muscular system, but then when they clap their hands, it switches to the skeletal system.”

Sellgren says her team at the museum came up with the concept for the exhibit and SimWave, a video experience tech company, helped develop it. Bodies in Motion is located in the museum’s “The Science of You” section.

Sellgren says exhibits like this teach kids about human physiology and help them better understand what’s inside their bodies, “Who knows? Maybe they’ll go and have an x-ray for the first time and they’ll have a better understanding of what that means. Parents can say, ‘Hey, remember when we were at the Children’s Museum? It’s just like that exhibit. They just want to see what’s inside your body.’”

Delaney Radiology sponsors the Bodies in Motion exhibit and will be at the Children’s Museum for the official ribbon cutting ceremony on July 22nd at 11:00 am. The exhibit is on view at the museum for the next four months.


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