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Family Farm Day returns to the Children's Museum of Wilmington

The Children’s Museum of Wilmington is offering its annual Family Farm Day this Saturday from 9 to Noon. Executive Director Heather Sellgren says the event will feature hands-on learning, crafts and activities all meant to share the importance of gardening and sustainability, as well as healthy eating. Sellgren says the most popular part of the event for everyone, hands down, is the barnyard animals.

“Bunnies, a donkey, baby goats and maybe a few other favorites. They’ll be able to enjoy games, such as our cowboy hat toss, or plant their own seeds, have their face painted, things like that. They’ll also be able to enjoy the inside of the museum.”

Sellgren says the event is sponsored by Galloway Farm. Weekday and Anytime members can enjoy this event at no cost. More admission information is available at The Wilmington Children’s Museum is located at 116 Orange Street.


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