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The Children’s Museum of Wilmington Has Reached It's $25,000 Endowment Match Goal

DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON, NC - The Children’s Museum of Wilmington is excited to announce they have reached their $25,000 Endowment Match Challenge Goal. Ned and Margaret Barclay graciously established The Children's Museum of Wilmington Endowment Fund several years ago. In 2018, they very generously offered the $25,000 match challenge.

“We first began supporting The Children's Museum many years ago when we had young grandchildren and saw the benefit of the many different experiences they enjoyed,” Ned stated. Margaret said, “We helped establish The Children's Museum of Wilmington Endowment Fund when we realized that such a fund would give the Museum a perpetual source of needed income into the future."

"Thoughtful and unwavering donors like Ned and Margaret are the cornerstone of the Museum's financial success, we are so thankful to have them as supporters," states Jim Karl, CMoW Executive Director.

The CMoW's Endowment Fund was established in 2009 as a source of perpetual and permanent funding to support CMoW. The North Carolina Community Foundation manages CMoW’s fund. All donations support the Museum’s mission to provide a welcoming and engaging environment that promotes educational art, science, and literacy-focused learning for all children and their families. To donate, please visit

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