The Museum loves our Community want to give back as much as possible! 

We love to bring our Educators into the Community and teach wherever we can. 

Funded Programs

  • Leading to Reading: The Museum provides pre-literacy education to under-served pre-kindergarten children. Children are brought to the Museum to engage in enriching, hands-on pre-literacy activities. New Hanover County Schools provide the Museum with grants, along with support from the community, to sustain this program. This program serves 540 children a year.

  • STEM All-Stars: The Institute of Museum and Library Services provided the Museum with a grant to create a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) “All-stars” program for twenty-three Title 1 third grade students. These students visit the museum twice a month for STEM experiments that align with NC Science curriculum as well as teacher and parent lessons for further expansion. 10 students from UNCW and Cape Fear Community College assisted in teaching with this program. This is a 2 year program running from Janurary 2016-May 2017. This program has currently served 23 children.

  • Bright Minds: Duke Energy provided multiple grants to the Children’s Museum to host a scientific exploration program, which teaches STEM-related subjects through experimentation to underserved first grade children. These children participated in multiple experiments all aligning with the NC Science Curriculum. Bright Minds was both an in-house and out of house program involving 6 New Hanover elementary schools. The program runs from October 2015-May 2017. This program has currently served 616 children.

  • Free Passes through our collaboration with Live Oak Bank

We also want everyone to be able to come and play with us here is a list of all our Community Memberships that everyone can use!

  • New Hanover County Libraries
  • Pender County Library
  • New Hanover County Smart Start
  • Pender County Smart Start
  • Salvation Army