Ahoy Wilmington! info_outline
Ahoy Wilmington! close

Arrgh, Mateys! Board our pirate ship and join the crew! Dress up like a pirate and dig in the sand for treasures and, if you dare, explore the under the sea cave behind the beaded waterfall. Encourages role-playing, problem solving, building, navigating and more.

Art Studio info_outline
Art Studio close

Visit the studio, a bright open space designed to inspire creativity and appreciation for our young, aspiring artists. Children are encouraged to experiment with different materials as they create imaginative masterpieces. Try your hand at painting, sculpting, drawing, weaving, and more. Our activities are open-ended and always changing, so come and discover the limitless possibilities of art!

Forest Friends Toddler Treehouse info_outline
Forest Friends Toddler Treehouse close

Guests ages four and under can crawl, climb, and slide in our beautiful treehouse. This special room is not only fun, active, and entertaining but allows your baby to use their motor skills. This is a safe space separated from the rest of the exhibits designed especially for your baby and toddler. The area is cozy and squishy allowing your baby to explore textures, shapes, and sounds. You and your baby can play with stuffed animals, blocks, and so much more! Supported by generous grants from the Landfall Foundation.

Grocery Store info_outline
Grocery Store close

Grab a kid-sized shopping cart and shop for produce, cereal, flowers...whatever it is you need. Or work the register checking customers out and bagging their groceries. One of the museum favorites, the grocery teaches children the importance of nutrition, basic math skills, and real world applications. Available for sponsorship.

Imagination Playground info_outline
Imagination Playground close

Using our life-size blue blocks, kids build a new world every day. They can create animals, rocket ships, robots, and cities full of skyscrapers! With an entire floor of open creative space, who knows what they will construct! Encourages engineering skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and imagination.

International Diner info_outline
International Diner close

Order up! Work as head chef in our diner. Cook up a stack of hotcakes and fry some eggs, or make hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches! Pretend to be a waiter and serve food to your customers, or play the customer and order from the menu as you play some music on the jukebox. Promotes imaginative role play as well as promoting healthy eating. Available for sponsorship.

Family Resource Center info_outline
Family Resource Center close

Our Family Resource Center is a small, private area for families to come and play quietly if the Museum gets a bit overstimulating to our guests. We have resource books for parents to read while children can play games. This area is also great for those times you need a moment to relax as it is small and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Museum.

Toothasaurus info_outline
Toothasaurus close

In our pediatric dental exhibit, your child can learn about oral health in an unintimidating environment. Brush the model teeth and inspect for cavities, look at the x-rays for hidden decay, then hop into a REAL dentist chair to examine the teeth of a Tooth-a-Saurus! Floss those dino teeth with dino-sized floss!

Magnetic Minds Science Research Center info_outline
Magnetic Minds Science Research Center close

Here, children are given the freedom to develop their own path of inquiry with hands-on activities that promote learning through discovery and imagination. They are encouraged to take part in both facilitated and self-initiated science projects. Children learn about the nature of science, different measurements to increase their ability to describe their world, conduct investigations and make observations to build an understanding of living organisms. Forecast weather patterns on a real “green screen,” see sound waves in the audio lab, and guess the constellations in the night sky! Supported by a generous grant from the International Paper Foundation.

Port of Call info_outline
Port of Call close

Visit the NC ports on a little smaller scale by moving the freighters up and down the river and loading the cargo onto the trains! Create your own track or use one of already set ones! Encourages imaginative play, navigating, and interactive role play.

Sea and Me info_outline
Sea and Me close

Go beyond the beaded waterfall and dive into discovering the sea! Learn about various sea creatures while taking a look at our salt water aquarium maintained by The Fish Room.

Teddy Bear Hospital info_outline
Teddy Bear Hospital close

The main focus for this exhibit is to allow your child to become comfortable with a doctor office setting. They can pick a bear off the shelf and sit and read books in the waiting room. Your child can put a doctors coat on and pick up a medical well bear check-up form. Use the tongue depressors, syringes, ace bandages, or reflex mallet to give your bear a complete check-up. Use the instruments to check the bear’s heart beat and blood pressure. Look at X-Rays using the X-Ray machine. Sponsored by Wilmington Health Associates.

Leading to Reading LEGO TRAIN EXHIBIT info_outline
Leading to Reading LEGO TRAIN EXHIBIT close

All aboard the Leading to Reading Train! This exhibit’s program increases the six pre-literacy skills that every child must have in order to become a successful reader: 1) Print Motivation (reading is fun!) 2) Print Awareness (look at words) 3) Letter Knowledge (know your letters) 4) Vocabulary (learn new words) 5) Phonological Awareness (sound out words) 6) Narrative Skills (tell a story). Use the Lego’s to create your own story or retell one that you have read! This exhibit engages both adult and child to interact together and strengthen literacy connections.

Outdoor Courtyard info_outline
Outdoor Courtyard close

You and your child can play hopscotch, race up the huge spider web, crawl through the worm tube, and visit Emma’s River Shanty House. Play with the water tables or drop in to one of our daily programs outside! Hop on the school bus and see where your imagination can take you!